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The redesign of the Pôles "Universitaires Français Hanoi" web site

Effective since the Fall of 2006, The Pôles Universitaires Français (PUF) in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City were created by the intergovernmental agreement of October 2004, signed during the visit to Hanoi of Jacques Chirac, President of the French Republic. Both PUF aim at organizing and managing French-Vietnamese university cooperation programs.
As the website of the Hanoi PUF showed its age over time, the university decided that it was the time for a complete facelift, take this opportunity to switch to an user friendly CMS.
Vinaganda proposed to the university to develop it’s own “web social brand “ instead of just focusing on the web site, in order to get ready for the next challenge: Build a Institutional social network. That of course will take time, but does not means that you should not be ready for it, and after it is just question about strategy that is actually in discussion.

Despite the fact that the logo is making a reference to the Vietnamese partnership of the university, the previous website design was lacking about the French side. So we did solve this problem by using main 2 colors (red and blue) of the national french flag, and highlighted in the background the cultural heritage of Hanoi with a silhouette of the Van Mieu commonly know as the Temple of Literature or the Confucius temple.

After evaluated the client requirements and capabilities, the existing CMS switched to WordPress, and extended we its basic publishing functions with the amazing custom post type feature for the events.

The website layout is simple on purpose reminding a blog in order to emphasize the actualities and events of the university, while at the bottom a hidden area fully widgetized is ready to serve as new navigation or panel content, so the layout will never looks cluttered.

Also, Vinaganda partenered with Sutunam Co. to get things running smoothly under the hood, especially the redirection of the old urls and ensure that theirs rankings do not deteriorate as a result of the URL change.

    Project Taks
  • Graphic design
  • Web development
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