Orchids Spa

We wanted to design something else... And it's awesome!


Orchids Spa is spa and salon beauty in the old quarter of Hanoi.
As the owners renovated their salon, they asked us to refresh the identity of the Spa by redesigning their brochure, flyers, visit cards and design their very first website.

How to be different under tight budget ?
Orchids Spa is just like 99% of the vietnamese businesses: the cash flow don’t let room for the marketing, especially for a proper web presence and content copyrighted. To understand what we mean, take a look at most of the website of beauty salon, you will find the same photos, or kind of photos: A woman in a bath of flowers or laying down smiling … etc who seems to have a sister looking just like her in the website next door.

So we used our imagination to find a solution, without blowing up the budged to solve a a simple problem: Some vintage cartoons silhouette and the result is looking quite nice!

    Project Taks
  • Graphic design
  • Web development
  • Branding
  • Print design