Why do you need a website?

The Vietnamese internet is booming and as more of the population becomes tech-savy, it is becoming expected that a business has a website- and if you do not, you may actually be bypassed for the competition that does have an online presence.

Why a web site for Yourself ?

On internet, nowadays your personality should be treated like a brand, and you need more than a poorly vanity site. Also employers or partners will depend on your website to make decisions. People who have invested time and effort in creating interesting websites will have a distinct advantage over people who expended their efforts elsewhere.

To give weight to your voice wihtout lower it

Having a personal website means to be above the traditional channels of communication, this most effective medium to express your opinions or creative endeavours that, otherwise, simply would not have an outlet. A website can be your virtual portrait parading your personality in front of everyone 24 hours a day.

For sharing your knowledge

It could be your online “pulpit”, from which you can deliver your opinion and share your knowledge, experience and enthusiasm with people who you might not otherwise have crossed paths with.

To become a member of bigger community

A website can be a meeting place where you can acquaint yourself with new people, and at the same time keep in touch with friends on the other side of the globe. You can conduct one-to-one conversations with many different people directly from your website. There are almost unlimited online communication possibilities.

To send the right message about you

In the world we live, people are turning to the Internet to find information about eachothers, and if you don’t have a presence on the Internet you will let some people sending the wrong informations about you.

To boost disabled people’s interaction with the world

A website enables people with limited access, due to a handicap or an illness, to broaden their communication with others. A website can be a physically disabled person’s door to the dynamic world, helping them overcome the difficulties of having a “different” everyday life. It can also play the role of an office where they can present certain in-house-built products or offer various services directly from their living room.

Because you can just do it

The latest web design technologies allow even the inexperienced user to create a web page with just a few clicks. By using the popular WYSWYG (What You See Is What You Get) design tools, absolutely everyone (regardless of age or education level) can build their own website without having any previous experience.

To makes an extra income

You can earn easy money by simply having visitors click on certain product or service promos or links that are relevant to your site’s content pages (e.g. the Google Adsense/Adwords ad solutions) without making any initial investment.

Why a web site for your Business ?

The majority of the small businesses think that they don’ t really need a of website. In fact this is the opposite: They must have one.

For the level the playing field.

On the internet, websites are all treated equally- whether you are a huge Fortune 500 company, or a small, one-man-band. Everyone gets the same amount of screen space when displayed on a visitor’s monitor- what matters is how well you make use of that space. Everybody got the same technologies, after it is just a question how smart you use its.

Because of the new behaviors

Nobody spend time searching in the yellow pages anymore, now everybody “Google it”. Most of us will turn immediately to the internet for answers to the simplest quests to find products and services or just another person to help us.

For greater reach ability of your business

Your business will be accessible from every part of the world, so you will reach a larger audience. No other advertising platform provides such global coverage.

To know what your customers want

A website is a great place to gain feedback from your customers and prospective clients. You can use surveys and forms that allow your site visitors to respond to questions you ask, enabling you to get valuable marketing information from your customers.

To generate a passive income

Many people surf the web in the evening when most businesses are closed. This is a passive income opportunity: you can create an online store which allows customers to place orders and pay for their selections, without your involvement .

To help you customers

Depending on your company’s products or services, you may also be able to provide downloadable technical manuals, user guides, or instructions. This provides value to your customers and can even eliminate the need for many people to call your customer service line.
By making this information readily available and easy to find online, your customer support staff can focus on selling, not educating.

To reduce your marketing cots

One of the best features of a website is that you can quickly and easily change information as it changes within your business. Unlike printed materials that need to be revised and then reprinted at cost; a website allows you to change or add products and services as often as you wish in just a few steps.

For Testing New Products & Services

The Internet offers quick and easy ways to conduct low-cost market research. A questionnaire on a website, or by email, can test very quickly and inexpensively whether a product gets a good response.

To get free advertising

There is potential for free advertising when other websites and blogs link to you. Also, when a website is designed well, when people type in related search terms into a search engine, your website will come up in the listings for free and allow a prospective customer to find your website.

To summarize all that: you need a website just because No other advertising platform provides such global coverage than a website!