What is Responsive Design!?

It is the design of a website that adapts itself to the to the user’s behavior based on screen size, platform and orientation

ResponsiveIt might sound a bit complicated, but it is actually simpler than you think: A Responsive Web design is the design of a website that adapts itself to the to the user’s behavior based on screen size, platform and orientation.
To explain it in a simple way: we used to have the website adapted to the desktop screen and the same layout could not maximize the website content on a phone screen, as it was not made for it, excepted if there was a mobile version of the website. Responsive Web design, is a style of Web development where content responds to the device on which it is being rendered.

This is accomplished by shifting the location of navigation and content on the page, adding or removing content, and increasing or decreasing image and font sizes so the site automatically provides the best layout for any screen.

Responsive Design for Small and Medium Businesses?

With the rise of the mobile device and so the different screen resolution the responsive design seems to be the ultimate solution .As a website owner, you should be concerned about how your website appears on mobile devices.  If the experience isn’t good, you may lose opportunities.  Have you looked at your website on a mobile device?

For a small- or medium-size business, that’s an especially good point. When design and development resources are in short supply, it doesn’t make sense to waste time maintaining separate desktop and mobile sites. The ability to make changes once, for example, and have those changes reflected across myriad platforms can help a business reach a wider audience than with a desktop site alone. In fact, responsive design means that a business’s mobile presence is no longer an afterthought, but by default becomes a fundamental part of the design and development process.

It is significantly less expensive to maintain and deploy than developing and maintaining separate device-specific versions of your site.

What are the benefits?

Your visitors will be able to get to content regardless of the device used to access the website. All types of browsing and activity – shopping, social, reading the news, etc. – are available and functional.