Project Planner

The project planners help you to have a practicable vision and expectation of what your project should be.

Whether you have big or small ideas for your website, the Project Planner will help you (and us) to develop a practical and holistic vision of your project. Let’s explore your brand together by starting with a detailed and accurate overview that will save you time and money in the long term. Complete and submit the Project Planner and we’ll get back to you promptly with a quotation.

For a small or medium website:

For product/service web site, or website less than 10 pages

1. A little bit about you

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Name of your project, url, or subject

2. About your project (required)
Is this a redesign of an existing site, or a new site altogether?
Design from scratchRedesign

3. Do You have all the content? (required)
eg. Copyrighting, photos, videos
YesNo, but I'll have itNo, can you do it?

4. What will be the languages of your web site? (required)

5. Describe your project (required)
Include as much information about the scope of your project as possible, including (if applicable), possible schedule, budget, and technical requirements.

6. About your budget (required)
Disclosing your budget help us to propose you a tailored quotation and will avoid a waste of time and resources for both sides.