Maintenance Packages

Relax! You got better things to do that updating and debugging your website, so we do it for you. Save some money by reducing IT hassles.

We understood that You got better things to do that updating your website, so this is why we had the idea to simplify you this work by creating our maintenance package. No needs to staffing someone. We take care about your website, just like it were ours.



Short Term


US$ 80 /month

US$ 30 /hour

blog_addContent up date **
cameraWebsite Monitoring _
chart_pieAnalytics Report
filterSEO Optimization
toolsSoftware Update
deliveryServer Migration

* Contract of 12 months with a minimum of 6 months (and none refundable) . Once the 6 months time are over you are free to stop the maintenance package when you want.
** Following your request, and after receiving the content (photos, text, and layout), we update your website.
The updates are made in a time frame of 48 hours maximum.
Please keep in mind that is not including a redesign, or code rewriting, which are different tasks, so are billed as extra work.
** Not including taxes (10%) . Convertion are made on the official rates of VBC