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    Few things that you should know ! Sometimes things are a little bit confusing… But we explain it in a simple way!

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    Vinaganda is a web design studio in Vietnam that helps companies, organizations and individuals to do great things on the web!

  • Web Design Contract Template

    This is our basic contract template for web design.

  • What is Responsive Design!?

    It is the design of a website that adapts itself to the to the user’s behavior based on screen size, platform and orientation

  • How to Plan your website?

    Your starting point for developing the specifications and requirements necessary to define you Web Site purpose, planning and structure.

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    Because we are just like you: We love when a relation is clear from day 1!

  • Project Planner

    The project planners help you to have a practicable vision and expectation of what your project should be.

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  • Why do you need a website?

    The Vietnamese internet is booming and as more of the population becomes tech-savy, it is becoming expected that a business has a website- and if you do not, you may actually be bypassed for the competition that does have an online presence.


  • Travel Activists

    Travel Activists

    A web travel agency for the ones who want stunning sceneries and deeply rooted ethnic cultures of Vietnam


    A website for a social enterprise in Vietnam

  • La Salsa redux

    La Salsa redux

    Vinaganda refreshed one of their very old design of their old client: the famous La Salsa Restaurant in Hanoi. The refresh included a new branding and a responsive layout.

  • Australie n' Zelande

    Australie n’ Zelande

    An information portal on major cities in Australia and New Zealand


    Cornershop owner asked Vinaganda to provide her an online products gallery that also can acts as an online boutique requiring a minimum of effort for the publishing on the back end

  • Taboo Bar Lounge

    Taboo Bar Lounge

    Taboo Bar & Lounge is a hip and trendy new floating establishment (West Lake)

  • The Bamboo Factory

    The Bamboo Factory

    An Unconventional design far away from the traditional concept dedicated to the wooden flooring website

  • Carat Jewerly

    Carat Jewerly

    A single page website for a Jewelry Designer

  • Kinder Park

    Kinder Park

    Kinder Park is a the biggest children entertainment center in Hanoi, that will officially open its doors in May 2011.

  • Puf Hanoi

    Puf Hanoi

    The redesign of the Pôles “Universitaires Français Hanoi” web site