The evolution of Vinaganda’s design

With going trough all the details: Few reasons pushed me to refresh the design and especially the content of, (the services page that still need to be rewrited in order to reflect our currents services…) Anyway this is more a refresh, as all the old code was ditched away. And of course, the current layout is responsive! So let’s take this opportunity to take a look back at the previous design of

Vinaganda 1st Design

This is the very first design of, just before we got our business license. Needed a website online ASAP as the contract was already coming.

Vinaganda 2nd Design

2nd Design: Now we put more photos of dogs, and rewrite the content of the website.

Vinaganda 3rd Design

3rd redesign: 3rd Design: A video on the home page showing a small dog eating a giant bone. It was nice but took too many time to load.Also the contact form is included in the home page too. After checking the stats it was clear no one used the form in the home page, instead go the contact page.

Vinaganda 4th Design

4th re-design: Google announced that the speed was a factor of ranking, so we made a design more simple, and played with some black. While focusing on the main purpose: Having the Vietnamese version of the website!

Vinaganda Design for 2012

The current layout: Responsive. The home serving more like a portal to the whole site. Less dogs. And unlike other versions, this revision emphasize the textual content and covers an early “web education” for those wishing to understand the necessity of a website and how to prepare its planning.