Take it easy Applextremists

With Regards to the iPad:
Apple did not invent the tablet, neither Bill Gates . But back in the days Bill G. was the ONLY ONE who pushed the industry and Microsoft to move foward the tablet, pretexting that the futur will be the screen and the pen. And Apple was mocking him and the concept of stylus. It never worked because people, technologies and OS was not ready yet. In fact tablet came too early. So too expensive.

I had the HP TC1100, one of the best computer I ever had for work. And when I bought the iPad, few hours later I was so disappointed, maybe because of too many memories of the TC1100: how easy it was to take notes during the meetings, and email just few minutes after the minutes, making the checklist on (construction) site… Anyway. Now the Surface Tablet is here, and I really think that I will make the move. Bye bye iPad.