Remember Facebook in Vietnam


IMO, One of the best thing that the Vietnamese government ever made to boost the local internet entrepreneurship was to blacklist Facebook in 2009. And so on: blacklist the proxies to access it. Let’s get back in time: Few communities portal was struggle to get the brand new internet users while the penetration of internet […]

Urban Care redesign


It looks like we are redesigning this website every 8 months. The goal was to cut on the fancies stuffs, more corporate aka borring, but not too much, in order to get ready for their next big things: Conztellation, an app that for aid program analysis and information management.

How to scale the object stroke in Illustrator ?


There was a issue with Illustrator that gave me some headaches: scaling an object with a stroke: Why this #$%$ stroke does not scale? The solution is so easy: Illustrator>Preferences> check Scale Strokes & Effects. So Simple.

Do you want your domain name in Vietnamese? part 2


It is hard to believe, and honesthly I don’t believe it at all: Dot VN, Inc. ( ) announced today that since its official launch of the Vietnamese Native Language Internationalised Domain Names (“Vietnamese IDN”) on April 28, 2011, registrations have exceeded 294,000 domain names. Which surpasses the total number of standard Vietnamese ccTLD […]