Garcon! A single page website please!

Since the beginning of Vinaganda I have the idea that the vast majority of the local companies cannot afford a website costing more than 500$, including the hardware. And the one who could provide them a kickass website in this budget and still be able to pay the bills at the end of the month, will win the war. Of course you got folks who actually do that in freelance, but the quality is hrrrr… Whatever. There are different options like the free template, or working underpaid wich is the common case. You are free to try, but as a wise man said: If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys.
Butttttttt there is an other option: the single page website.

A single plage website is a great solution for selling one or free product, like a book, app or simply having a web presence. And it’s a valuable way of creating an uncluttered site that still contains a fair amount of content. Headaches free: A single page website does not need any maintenance at all.

Many entrepreneurs who are starting a small business find themselves without the time or budget to get a full website developed. A perfect solution is to build a one page website which you can use to display all your basic business information.

Don’ t misunderstood me: It is not only question about money, sometime a single page is simply what you need. Like Carat Jewerly (Hanoi), their budget was just a bit less than 1,000$. After review their requirements, ressources and content, I proposed to cut the budget in half by proposing a single page website, until they decide to jump into a bigger website, or to have some ego with a 1000$ website than will be oversized.
Sometimes you just really don’ t need a multipage website. And guess what: I got an other single page website on the grill.

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